Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, November 3, 2008


We woke up bright and early this morning, we had to be at the hospital at 530 am. Miss Kat was very tired and pretty cranky. She really didn't want to put on the hospital gown, she thought we were trying to put it on her backwards! She was fairly cooperative otherwise.

At about 7, they brought her Versed. I can not sing the praises of that liquid enough! She started giggling and was so silly. She started playing with her own lips and laughing about nothing! The anesthesiologist came in and explained everything that would happen. She got all ready and brought Bunny with her into surgery.

After about an hour I received a call in the waiting room updating us. The whole staff was so impressed by how prepared Miss Kat was for surgery. They said that the moment she got back into the operating room she hopped off the bed and onto the table. Next, the doctor showed her the pulse ox and she held out her finger for him. Then she looked around and found the mask and laiddown, put it over her mouth and started to breath deeply. What a smarty!

As soon as she was out of surgery, and her tube was pulled, they came and got me. They said that they never let parents pack in the PACU, but that since she signs they need me to help with questions. Wow, I'm glad! I didn't want her to have to wake up alone. When I got back there she looked better than I expected. She wasn't swollen or bruised, two things I had been warned about. She was itchy though, her pain meds make her eyes and nose itch. She has been rubbing her eye all day. She was coming in and out of consciousness the whole time we were back there. They asked her if she was hurting and she said no, but that she wanted another pillow. As soon as she realized I was there she started to ask for me to hold her, it was so sweet and sad at the same time. She wanted to crawl into my arms, but she couldn't. She settled for me hugging her and her wrapping her little arms around me.

When she started to really wake up it was time to move to the recovery room. I told her we were headed to a different room and she started to gather all her stuff to get up and leave! I told her to stay on the bed, that they would take her...silly girl! As we were going down the hall we stopped off at the waiting room to pick up Daddy and Grammy. When Miss Kat saw me go in to the other room she started to get up to come too (what are we going to do with her??).

On the way to the recovery room Miss Kat asked for her Popsicle and a soda (she remembered from the tour!) She drank and ate, and then napped a little. She really didn't like the IV and the cords and bandages. She was feeling ok so we got out of there as quick as we could. She ended up throwing up just a little, and we figure that was because of dizziness from getting up and changing clothes.

Miss Kat is now a bionic girl.

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JennyB said...

I am glad to hear that surgery went well! She certainly sounds like a brave little girl!