Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, May 4, 2015

And now we have the IEP

While the meeting didn't go perfectly, and I may have offended the heck out of some professionals (not on purpose, but I think it happened nonetheless) we did manage to get every single thing we wanted! Miss Kat will be attending her neighborhood middle school this fall!

So, we ended up with five goals for the Teacher of the Deaf, who will be seeing Miss Kat every day for a full class period. She has an auditory goal, a non-fiction reading comprehension goal, a vocabulary goal (understanding and using content vocabulary), a written expression goal, and an expressive language goal. These goals are well crafted and I think they will absolutely help Miss Kat progress in the right way.

The thing that was far more sticky was Miss Kat and math. She is actually much further behind in math than any other area (partly because of her struggles with memory and partly because she just hasn't had the opportunity for really great instruction). Well, her school did not have a placement that was appropriate for Miss Kat in math. So, the school decided to pair her with a special education teacher and have math all by herself! We were stunned! She now has a tremendously high number of special education minutes because she has math every day and it is SPED minutes. So, she also has two math goals.

Her accommodations were everything we could ask for as well. Here is our list:

  • Home set of textbooks
  • Preferential Seating
  • Teacher Provided Notes
  • Extended Time for Tests
  • Test Read to Student (if desired)
  • Alternative Setting for Test (if desired)
  • Check Often for Understanding/Review (I have an interesting plan for this one!)
  • Closed Captioning for all media when available: if unavailable, student is to be given a script or written preview of information to be covered. If script is not available, student is to receive no penalty to grade. (I really like the way this is written!)
  • Written directions paired with all assignments given in class
Miss Kat's IEP is set and it looks great! We had our first "Meet the Teacher Night" just two days after the IEP! The school is so supportive and we love how involved everyone is! Miss Kat will be visiting again two more times this year (with the other rising 6th graders) and we are all looking forward to a great year!