Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little update

Yesterday, Miss Kat made herself a glass of hot chocolate with nothing but verbal instructions. She understood "water", "blue", "cup", "hot", "cold", "chocolate", and "clean up". Today at dinner she understood "bread", "straw", drink", and "sit down". These are all words she either didn't know before the CI, or at least I never noticed that she did!

I also asked Miss Kat if she liked her CI or her hearing aid better. She said that she likes them both! That is good news. Then I asked her if she heard more with the CI or the aids. She said the CI. She signed "hear" on the hearing aid side and then "HEAR, HEAR, HEAR" on the implant side. She said "Implant (is) for hearing more" and then nodded as to say "seriously, mom".

Also, when we are out in public, people are starting to think we are insane. They hear us saying "That's a can-ta-lope. Do you want some cant-a-lope? The cantaloupe is ORANGE. What color are those grapes?" People look at us like we are nuts, and then they see something hanging off the side of Miss Kat's head, and then our arms flapping around...no wonder we are stared at!

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Debbie/Steve said...

I've found your blog through Deaf Village. It put a smile on my face when asked her about hearing the difference between CI and HA. She's right CI is much better and can hear more out of it.