Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Saturday, October 13, 2018

High School Days

Miss Kat has been doing really well with this huge transition. She really enjoys her classes and is doing well. She is in Algebra and Biology this year but she loves her electives. She is taking art and "family and consumer sciences" known as FACS (it was what I called Home Ec growing up!)

Miss Kat is also driving now! That has been quite an adventure. She is very cautious and responsible. I am very proud of her.

Miss Kat's favorite part of high school is all the clubs she belongs to! She is in yearbook club, a book club, and an anti-bullying club. She also is performing in a community theatre production of "The Fellowship of the Ring" for the next two weeks. She also attended the Homecoming dance last weekend.

What an outstanding, average life she has. When things were dark, and we didn't know what her life would look like, even my highest hopes didn't look like this. She has friends (her annual Halloween blowout is coming up again!) she is comfortable with who she is (a big time nerd) and she is doing well in school. Her only accommodations in school are her FM system, a visit from her TOD a few times a week and a quiet place to take a test. She also receives academic tutoring, once a week, from my LSLS mentor at work because she is completely convinced that I lack the ability to teach her!

Miss Kat is a perfectly imperfect everyday kid who happens to be deaf.