Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Principal's Award

This year at graduation/honor's day, Miss Kat was awarded a great distinction. She was given "The Principal's Award". She earned this accolade by making greater than 1 year's progress in 1 year's time, in ALL AREAS of her standardized testing!!!! She also received the "President's Award for Educational Achievement" and "High Academic Achievement Award" for "superior achievement in reading comprehension, total math, language and listening,"

In addition to that, we just got her reading assessment (Woodstock Johnson III) back, and she has made tremendous progress. She scored withing the normal range in three areas, and huge gains in all of the areas. In fact, she went from a score of 71 to 87 in "Passage Comprehension"! She gained an average of 5 points (a score remaining the same from year to year indicates a full year's growth) but as high as 14 points (in Reading Comprehension)!

Way to go Miss Kat!!!