Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FM Set-up

Since Miss Kat will be attending a public school in the fall, we had to go in yesterday, to the school district that oversees services for students with special needs, and have her evaluated for an FM. They have to prove that she needs one before they provide it.

So, they started with a simple bilateral check of her thresholds. She was at 15-20 db across the board. Very good! (On a side note, she heard the highest frequencies when I did not. That is a cause for a bit of concern. Miss Kat has been telling me that I need to get my hearing checked. Turn out, she might be right!)

Next they did single syllable words in quiet. Miss Kat scored a 94%. Then they piped in multi-talker babble (sound of people talking around her). They gave her another list of single syllable words with a 0 SNR. That means the words she was listening for were at the exact same volume as the background noise. Her score then dropped to 42%. That is a huge difference. Finally, they tested Miss Kat in the noise again, but this time they used an FM system. Her score went back up to 88%. That is PLENTY of justification for an FM!

On a quasi related note. Miss Kat just received her Roger Pen (for home)! It is the new FM system she will be using at home. We love it! She hears much better with it and we haven't had the kinds of problems that plagued us with her last FM (static, inference, disconnecting, etc.) She is always excited to use it, and we even took it to church. We love the group discussion setting. It is awesome!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Last Reading Evaluation

In the mail today came the results of Miss Kat's last reading evaluation at her oral school. They gave her the "Woodcock Johnson III- Tests of Achievement". There are five subtests and then a Broad Reading Score, a Basic Reading Skills score, and a Reading Comprehension score. I will discuss them all.

The first sub-test was "Letter-Word Identification". This test requires the student to identify letters and then to read and pronounce the words correctly. She did not have to know the meaning of the word. Miss Kat scored an 86, which is within the normal range.

The next section measures a student's ability to quickly read simple sentences and decide if a question is true or false. It is "Reading Fluency". The goal is to read as many sentences as possible in the three minute time limit. Miss Kat scored a 91, which is within the normal range. 

The next sub-test was "Passage Comprehension". This test requires a student to read a short passage and identify a missing key word. Miss Kat scored a 97, last year she scored a 74. This score shows significant progress and is within the normal range. 

The next test measured Miss Kat's ability to apply phonics skills to the pronunciation of unfamiliar words. They were non-sense words. This test is called "Word Attack". She scored a 91, which is within the normal range.

The last sub-test was "Reading Vocabulary". It measures skills in reading words and supplying an appropriate meaning. Miss Kat had to supply an antonym, a synonym, or an analogy. She received a score of 87, which is within the normal range.

The "Broad Reading" cluster is a comprehensive measure of reading achievement that includes reading decoding, reading speed, and ability to comprehend. Miss Kat scored an 89, which is within the normal range.

The "Basic Reading Skills" is a measure of sight vocab, phonics and structural analysis. Miss Kat received a score of 88, which is within the normal range. 

And lastly, in "Reading Comprehension", Miss Kat scored a 91, which is within the normal range.

Congratulations Miss Kat, you have officially caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!