Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Friday, November 7, 2008

Speech with one hearing aid

Miss Kat had her first speech appointment since surgery. She only had one hearing aid. It did not go well. Poor baby. She tried so hard, but she was just doing terrible. She went from being able to distinguish 6 phrases at 100% to missing some of the Ling sounds! The therapist said that she has never seen such a profound difference. She said that Miss Kat must have been absolutely maxing out her hearing aids. We have noticed that she isn't responding as well to sounds, especially her name. During speech the therapist also noted that Miss Kat has been very quiet as well. She wasn't copying or attempting to vocalize the words very much at all. We made sure that therapy wasn't frustrating at all, just keeping her in the habit while we wait for activation.

Also, Miss Kat's recovery has been going great! We went to a Deaf community activity tonight, and she played like a maniac...back to normal! People are really surprised how great her incision looks (you can't even see it when her hair is in a ponytail!) and that she is up and monkeying around so soon. We also stuck a magnet to her head to show the other kids where her implant is. They thought it was cool. It comes off really easily though, I hope the CI stays better.


Cyborg Queen said...

Hey! Sometimes they (the companies) give just average magnet strength for the start. If it's too weak, Kat can get a stronger magnet. Stronger magnet does help people who have really thick hair. Normally the first couple months, the area is a bit swollen, so a stronger magnet would work. Once the head gets fully healed, then weaker magnet is the way to go. If the magnet is too strong, the contact between the magnet and the skin can cause problems and can cause ulcers on the magnet area...and that's not good. :-) It's important to know what's TOO weak and what's too strong. I believe on AB's coil, it is adjustable by height...your audiologist will explain better...

Anonymous said...

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