Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, November 3, 2008

At home

As soon as we were in the car we gave Miss Kat her first dose of pain meds. She really hates the bandage on her head. I think she has shooting pains occasionally, because she will suddenly cry out and grab her ear. I also think that she believes the bandage is causing the pain...poor baby.

When we got home Miss Kat ate two goldfish crackers and we all laid down to take a nap. She slept for about two hours. When she woke up she was almost totally back to regular self. She is still a little subdued, but she is so much cheerer. She ate a cheese quesadilla for dinner and then watched a little Curious George. She fell asleep in our bed about 730. Daddy is asleep on the couch right now as I type this too.

Tomorrow the bandage comes off and I have to face the incision. I also have to go to work, but Daddy will be here with her. We have decided to keep her home all week, so each family member is taking a day off. I have Thursday.

Oh, and the saddest thing happened, as a ploy to get us to take her bandage off, Miss Kat said that if she went to school with it on tomorrow, all the kids would make fun of her. Ahhh, poor baby! It isn't true, the kids are sweethearts and would never be mean like that, AND she isn't going to school for awhile, but isn't that a sad little thought for her to have? It broke my heart!

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