Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gee-gee Bells

Miss Kat wanted to sing "Jingle Bells" tonight, and wasn't going to let something as trivial as not knowing the words stop her! So, Daddy found a karaoke video, and this is her working her butt off to try to read the words fast enough to sing it. I would love to caption it, but it is incomprehensible!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Kat's Thanksgiving thoughts

We had a rather non-tradition thanksgiving this year. It is our first away from family since Miss Kat was a baby. We went to the zoo as a family and got to see them feeding the animals, and then we came home and had our version of Thanksgiving dinner. As we were sitting there eating dinner, we were discussing what a typical Thanksgiving dinner would be and she gave me this insight:

"I don't want to eat animal meat. Turkey is healthy food, but I don't want it. It is terrible. I love animals. I want to save them."

Miss Kat has been talking along these lines for several weeks. She has made it very clear that she believes that eating animals is unacceptable. We were extended several invitations to spend the holiday with friends, but each time she asked if they would be having turkey, and when I replied yes, she would say that she didn't want to go.

Later at the dinner table Miss Kat told us a funny little anecdote. (She expressed it in both spoken language and sign. She used a bit of each, preferring whichever language better expressed the idea in the story.) I will attempt to transfer it into written English here:

A little girl went walking in the woods.  She was very hungry. She spotted a wild turkey wandering across her path.  Because of her extreme hunger, when she saw the turkey, it appeared (in her mind's eye) as a cooked and dressed Thanksgiving turkey. Cooked Turkey She chased the turkey down, seized it and gobbled it up whole. She then continued on her path, satisfied. Before long, she began to feel a touch of indigestion and started burping. Along with the first burp, came a feather. With the second, two feathers. The last one was a huge, rumbling belch accompanied by one hundred feathers! burp

Funny, isn't it! I wish we had videotaped it, so the world could see her face expressing the ideas. Miss Kat is such a creative, expressive kiddo. I know for sure that she is what I will always be most thankful for.