Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was the post-op appointment with Miss Kat's surgeon. Hubby and I were terrified!

The surgeon is very conservative and does NOT activate before 4 weeks. We had a scheduling conflict because we are going to have to be in court the first two weeks of December, starting on the 2nd. They had originally scheduled post op for Dec. 3rd and activation for the next day. When I spoke to the scheduler and explained that we needed to move it up just a few days, she said "No way.", because Thanksgiving was the week before and that would bump us all the way back to Wednesday, and therefore it would be just barely over 3 weeks after surgery. We asked what we could do, and she said we could ask at the pre-op appointment, but that the surgeon always says the longer the better. He says "6 weeks is better than 3". Ugh!

At the pre-op appointment I explained to him that hubby and I will be in court the first two weeks of December and that we wanted to get Miss Kat activated before Dec. 2 so that we did not have to wait until after Christmas. He was feeling guilty about cancelling our surgery date, so he said "No problem. Just make an appointment at the desk". Then he wrote on the little paper for the receptionist "3-4 weeks later". When the secretary saw the paper she was surprised, she said "What did you say? He NEVER does it in less then 4 weeks!" So, the receptionist is searching for a post-op appointment and asks if Dec. 3rd is OK, I say no we need before Thanksgiving. So, she gives us today's appointment. It is only 16 days after surgery!!!

SO, we showed up today on pins and needles. Miss Kat is healing amazingly well, so we felt like she was ready for activation. We hoped that if the surgeon looked at her, instead of the date, that he would give us the go ahead. After over an hour of waiting, the doctor came into to look at Miss Kat. He asked how everything went, and we told him that she was jumping on the bed the next day (but we were trying to stop her!) and that she was off the medicine by the next morning too (she hated the taste!). He starts looking at the healing incision and kinda mumbles "Hmmm" and then he says he needs a light. Hubby and I start to really freak out! He seems to be worried about something, and is looking really close. He turns back and says "She has a little scab at the top. Feel free to wash it and try to get that off." And then "She looks great. Take this paper and set up activation with the audiologist"!

Little did he know that we set up activation a month ago, and it is tomorrow morning! We have to leave at 7 am and drive two hours, but our audiologist is the best. He called today and told me that he has the battery charging! He told me that he has two processors for us, and will set us up with 6 MAPs. Also, we have another MAPing on Monday. We are so ready. The gas tank is full and the camera is charging!

Tomorrow our bionic girl goes on-line.


Judy said...

That is so awesome!!!! I'll be praying for you and Miss Kat tomorrow! Keep us posted, I'm on pins and needles :)

leahlefler said...

Hooray for activation! I can't wait to hear about it!