Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It is October 10th. It is only 24 days away. It feels too soon. Was this too easy? Have we really thought this out enough? Done enough research? The burden of being the parent of Miss Kat is weighing heavily today. Sitting in the waiting room for the ENT made me physically ill. I am so afraid for her.


Kim said...

YEAH!! This is so exciting!!

I love Advanced Bionics! I've had their device for fourteen years now! It's WONDERFUL!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm Jennifer...bilateral AB CI girl :). All the apprehension you feel is normal...but I'll just tell you my experience. I grew up oral, as I didn't lose my hearing until I turned four and already had a great vocabulary. I wore a hearing aid until I lost my remaining hearing last year. I was implanted on my right side in November of '07 and was one of those that did great straight out of the box...achieving 96% speech comprehension in quiet at two weeks post-activation. In 36 years, I had never scored a 96%...ever. I hear better now than I have EVER heard. It was the right thing for me to do...and I have never regretted it. I am so excited for Miss Kat...October 10th will be here in no time!!! ((hugs))

Abbie said...

Hiii! I'm Abbie and I'm an AB girl too! My story is very similar to Jennifers except I lost all my remaining hearing due to a routine surgery in Feb 2007. I kinda of waddled through the next seven months waiting for a cochlear implant that I got in August 27, 2007. I just hit my one year anniversary yesterday and it has been amazing :)

Deb said...

Hi! I have bilateral AB devices and I can say without a doubt, having the surgery for my CI's literally gave me back my life! I had normal hearing to age 17, so I do know what things sound like, I know music and I can tell you what I have with my CI's is very natural and clear and "normal". It's not perfect hearing, there will be times she will have to adapt to the surroundings,still hearing impaired, but I honestly think it's the most precious gift you can give a person!

A good friend of mine had his son implanted at age two with an AB device. This young man is now a teen and speaks several languages! It's really a journey for the whole family, a lot of rehab, but the gain is priceless!

I just had my right ear implanted after having my left done since 2002. I am going through the rehab process on the new ear and it does take a lot of patience..but I have been there before, and know about that "learning curve"!!

Congratulations on making the decision and taking this amazing journey with your daughter!

Landry said...

Hooray! Our daughter's (Landry) is October 6th, so we'll be right alongside Miss Kat!!

Landry said...

sorry...forgot to give you her blog! :)

http://landryagnich.blogspot.com and ours, which chronicles her journey (to separate the kid from the hearing loss) is http://agnichfamily.blogspot.com