Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Miss Kat needs new earmolds. She has started getting little sores in her ears. We scheduled an appointment wil our old audiology center, so we wouldn't have to drive 4 hours just to get an impression made. We ended up seeing our old audiologist, the one who refused to even discuss the CI. It didn't go over so well.

We went in and she asked if both earmolds needed replaced. I told her "No. She will be getting an implant on her right side October 10th". She paused and looked up. I told her we had been seeing the other audiologist and that we just needed the earmold and didn't want to drive all the way up there to get it. She got very cold, and obviously mad. She asked "Have you already been approved for the CI?". I told her "Yes. We have the surgery already scheduled." She then asked something to the affect of "Are you sure?" I again repeated that Miss Kat would be receiving an implant in the next few weeks. She was visibly upset by the whole situation. It seemed very personal. I knew that she didn't support the idea of Miss Kat getting an implant, but at this point it is no longer her choice, or business.

The whole experience worried me. I know that she is on the implant committee, and I was worried that she was going to do something to put Miss Kat's surgery in jeopardy. As soon as I got home I called our audiologist. I told him what had happened and her reaction to the news. I told him that I was worried that she would try to interfere, and I asked him if she had that power. He reassured me. He told me that she isn't involved and that she couldn't do anything at this point. I am so relieved. I had no idea it was so personal for her. Why would this bother her? I knew that she didn't like that we sign, but come on!


Cloggy said...

Strange reaction indeed.
But will you see her again after the implantation? I hope you will use someone more eager to work with CI::..

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Not going to see her again. We see someone else now. We have to drive 2 hours, but he is the best!

leahlefler said...

What a weird reaction! You'd think an audiologist would be happy that a child was going to get better access to sound - period! Sounds like she wasn't very professional at all. I'm glad you guys have a new audi who is on your side!

Cloggy said...

About the activation,
With Lotte it happened over 4 days. (She got both CI simultaniously, age 2y4m)... Really slow.
And, never did she have any uncomfortable sound... Sorry. 1 time, when a chair was moved on the third day. It startled her.... We were all exited... "It works!"

Lotte's only reaction was the blinking-reflex.. Her brain wasn't too impressed with the new input I guess.. :-)

Matt & Nicki said...

I am new to your blog and I know you don't know me, but my son has severe to profound hearing loss due to CMV and my sister actually found your blog--I am, as I have time, reading your posts on this journey of yours. My son is aided right now, he is 6 months and we have been exploring the option of a cochlear implant as well. . I guess I am just wondering after reading this post, why the audiologist didn't want you to get the cochlear for your daughter. . Hope you don't mind a "stranger" commenting on her. . I am trying to get my hands on as many resources as possible and parents, alot of times, seem to be the best ones. Thanks!
Nicole Tolosa, mother of Ezekiel

Karen said...

Glad to see that you will not be seeing the audiologist again. It's one thing to present an opinion, it's another to have an agenda for a family.