Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Preparations for surgery

Today we took the pre-surgery "class" with Miss Kat. They forgot to get her an interpreter, so I had to sign everything, but other than that it went very well. They took her through the entire surgery step by step. They started in the waiting room and showed exactly what she can expect. They even let Miss Kat dress up in gloves and a mask and put an IV in her bunny! She was incredibly excited to find out that she can take her paci into the surgery room and that they have slushies when she wakes up.

We are also doing well. It was nice to see Miss Kat so excited and unafraid about the surgery. It really calms my fears to know that she is prepared. I don't want her waking up after surgery, confused and frighten. I want her to understand exactly what is happening to her. I feel like so much of the information glosses over the actual procedure and just says "You go to sleep and when you wake up, you have a CI!" I think Miss Kat needs to know that they will cut into her head and that when she wakes up there will be something inside her. Sooooo.....

When we got home, we took Miss Kat's "make-a-bear" bunny, and gave it an implant! We all "suited up" and had Nana open Bunny's head and put in a magnet. He is now upstairs in bed with Miss Kat with a big bandage wrapped around his head. He will also have a scar behind his ear forever just like all the other CI kids!


Lydia said...

So glad your hospital is preparing her! But don't be surprised if she still wakes up confused or upset. People waking from anesthesia can be very disoriented.

Alicia M said...

I think that is great! Esp the make a bear getting a CI...I think Miss kat will do great. Ditto with the anesthesia thing though...I had surgery when i was around her age and i cried as soon as i noticed my mom wasn't there but it's good that she will have her bear when she wakes up.