Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, September 15, 2008

Appointment with the surgeon tomorrow

We have the big, long awaited appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. I am hoping this will be the only time we meet with him before surgery, so we created a list of questions for him to answer. Hopefully, he will assure me and we will quickly move on to getting Miss Kat her CI.

Questions for surgeon

How long have you been doing implants?
How many have you done?
How comfortable are you with the AB implant?
What are your failure rates?
How many explants have you had to do?
Infection rates?
Do you feel like the nucleus contour provides a more delicate insertion, therefore sparing more residual hearing?
What are your feelings about technical alterations in the operative technique of cochlear implantation designed to preserve hearing including: (1) avoidance of acoustic trauma using low speed drills; (2) careful placement of the cochleostomy anterior and inferior to the round window membrane to avoid damage to the basilar membrane and ossea spiral lamina; (3) the use of steroids to protect against injury to the organ of Corti at the cellular level; (4) the use of shorter, thinner, atraumatic electrodes; and (5) a small cochleostomy to prevent buckling of the electrode and escape of perilymph?
Are you comfortable with the support staff at LDS Hospital i.e. their ability to work on young children?
Who at the hospital can I contact with my questions (interpreter, recovery room, etc.)?
Do you have any concerns about AB in general (failure rates, future, technology)?
In my research, I’ve noticed that more and more centers are activating early, some as soon as 24 hours after surgery. I was hoping since she is a good hearing aid user and much older than average, that she would be a candidate for early activation. Cache is on board if you are!
What does the recovery look like? How long will the “turban” stay on? How long for the steri-strips? How long until we can wash her hair? Go back to school?
What are the most common side effects? Chances of facial paralysis? Taste issues? Balance problems? Tinnitus?
What kind of pain medication will she get?

So, that's my list. Tomorrow I will get the answers we need. Then Wednesday, Miss Kat is getting her last meningitis vaccination, and then Thursday we see the audiologist to order the device. Things are moving quickly now, and I'm excited....today is a good day.

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