Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Speech therapy

Miss Kat had her first speech therapy appointment yesterday. She ROCKED IT OUT!!!! She did better than anyone could have ever expected.

Miss Kat understood words that I had no idea she knew! The therapist gave her a few little tests, and she was nearly perfect! She wasn't just parroting, she understood and would pick up the toy that corresponded to the word.She was able to discriminate between four, one syllable, "B" words. The therapist was so impressed that she looked up at the mirror and said "Wow, Mom, you guys must have been working!"

Katrina seems to have finally "got it". She understands that we want her to learn to listen. She understands that the sounds she hears are related to the sounds she makes, and that they have meaning. She now know that "BAY-BEE" means the ASL sign for baby (which she already understands means a infant). She gets it it, and she knows we communicate with our voices, and she wants to be able to, as well.

This was the missing piece we never had before. Miss Kat has been able to hear fairly well, she has great intonation and is able to parrot any sound she hears. She just has always seen it as a game. She has never connected the sounds she heard with the ones she makes. She also never cared! She didn't like when we would voice and she would insist that we be quiet. It has all changed. She wants to understand. I am so happy that she is older now. I know I couldn't have made this commitment when she was younger, especially if she wasn't interested in cooperating.

As we were finishing up, the therapist and I discussed the CI. She said that she believed that Miss Kat should get it as soon as possible. She said "There is no reason to leave her frustrated". She also said that she would call our audiologist and the surgeon and tell them to"fast track her"!!!!!

I am so proud of Miss Kat. She worked hard, stayed focused, and she did so well. I am starting to actually believe the the implant is the absolute right decision. This will work for her, and she will be able to learn to listen, and she will be able to learn to use spoken language. I have never been prouder!

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Cloggy said...

Kat loves languages..:!!
... that will make it all work out even better...
So exited for you all... Kat will blow your minds after she starts hearing..

And with ASL being her first language, she will have no problem learning the next one!