Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post-op #2

Miss Kat had her post op yesterday. It is the last step before activation!! The surgeon just wants to take a look at the incision, make sure everything is healing well before he gives the OK for activation.

(I was not at the appointment, so the entirety of this post is from the report of Hubby)

The first person that came to see Miss Kat was the surgeon's medical assistant. She asked how Miss Kat's recovery went and took a look at the healed incision. She noticed that there was a little stitch still there. It had been covered by a little scab, so it never healed. The assistant wanted to just remove the stitch (should just take a sec), so we told Miss Kat and all hell broke lose! She was pretty sure that she would die from the removal...slowly and painfully! (I didn't write about it, but we had a HUGE struggle getting the steri-strips off as well. They were supposed to come off themselves after a week, and that just didn't happen, so eventually (after more than two weeks) we had to take them off, and Miss Kat FREAKED out!)

So, Miss Kat tries to be brave and let her remove the stitch, but she was genuinely scared, so no progress is made. Miss Kat tries to sit and let her do it, but every time the assistant even comes close to touching her, she pulls away and cries. Then Daddy sits and tries to hold her head to let them get the stitch out....and that doesn't work either. The assistant leaves and gets another nurse and the three of them try to hold Miss Kat down and get the stitch out (just a note, if I had been there, this would have never gotten this far, NO ONE holds my kid down unless there is a serious issue...I think this could have been handled better). They fail....so they give up and say screw it, let the doctor do it!

So, then the surgeon (eventually) comes in. He walks in and says "Heard there was some trouble". He says that he thinks the stitch will come out on it's own and not to worry about it! Argh...So, he takes a peek at Miss Kat's ear and everything looked great. He gives us the go ahead for activation and he hopes to never see us again!

So, we have the new processors, the batteries are charging, and we are headed up on Wednesday! Bionic Miss Kat will hear in stereo!

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Vivie said...


nurses were a bit stupid in my opinion..my stitches fell out on their own few months later , and it was perfectly ok...:)