Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We had a meeting yesterday. It wasn't an official IEP meeting (because we wrote an IEP in Feb. so it isn't due for a long time) but I wanted to share Miss Kat's test results and meet the staff she will be working with (her school is under going MAJOR changes, including a major overhaul of staff). I met the new director of the oral program as well as Miss Kat's new teacher. 

This year Miss Kat's deaf class will only have 4 kids, so the school decided to combine the first and second grades together. I am less than pleased about that. I am wondering how the teacher will be able to teach both curriculum as well as provide an acoustically reasonable classroom (ie how will the kids be able to hear if there are two classes going on at the same time). I HATE group work for Miss Kat, she really struggles to hear when there is that much noise....but hopefully the second CI will help.

We also discussed therapy. Miss Kat will be receiving AV therapy everyday for 30 minutes as well as parent child therapy (with me) once a week. That is great news, because normally the school stops parent child therapy after first grade (though I don't understand why, it can only be helpful).

I have big worries about this year, but I continue to be hopeful. I think we have pretty good goals written, and good therapy set up (both in school and out), so I hope Miss Kat will continue to make great progress (but if not, I will not hesitate to pull her out and homeschool!)


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about moving and going to this school? At least she will be with hearing children who know ASL: http://www.aslacademy.com/

leah said...

Ugh- group work sucks for most kids, and is even worse for kids who have to work to hear! I hope she has a great year, even though there will be a lot of work involved for both of you.

Happy new school year!

Faith said...

She will do great!! My daughter's class has two grades combined and last year the teacher had three grades. It really depends on the teacher as to how well it works. Kobi's schedule is good. While the one teacher is working with one grade the others are in art,music,PE etc. She has it figured out. There are seven kids in the class. Best wishes.