Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, August 23, 2010

Funny story from last week

So, we went to a birthday party for one of Miss Kat's friends last night. My husband and I were the only hearing people at the party. There had been some kind of mix up with the reservation (we were at a Chucky Cheese type business) and they were writing back and forth, trying to figure it out. At the same time the employee said "Wait a minute, we have someone who signs..." and goes off to find that person. (We all, of course, roll our eyes because that means that someone here once learned how to fingerspell from Sesame Street) So, the mom said again, "No, let's just write and finish this".

So, we finally get everything settled and into our party room. They write on the wipe board "If you need anything, let us know". So, the party goes on, and the board works well, they get soda and pizza, kids are having a good time. About an hour later, the party host figures out I can hear She walks up to me and says "Can you ask them if they want the pizza boxed up?" and I say back "Yeah, you can write that and she'll answer you." The party host looked dumbfounded, but wrote it on the board.

The mom and I just laughed! I am sure the poor 15 year old has no idea why I wouldn't speak and make this easier for her, but if the mom had wanted me to interpret, she would have asked me (she has in the past) and really, she grew up totally oral, so if she had wanted to speak, she would have done it herself!


leah said...

Hey, maybe that experience will inspire the 15 year old to take some ASL courses- it was a good experience for her!

I love birthday parties- the kids just have so much fun.

Good luck with Miss Kat's activation tomorrow!

Dianrez said...

Thanks for the insight into the life that you and Miss Kat share with the Deaf community. Great going!