Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, August 9, 2010


While we were at CID we had their audiologists take a peek at Miss Kat's MAP. They thought that she needed a tune-up, so they got to work. They changed Miss Kat's program from Hi-Res P to Hi-Res S (moving from paired to sequential). When I asked them why they used Hi-Res S instead of P, they said "Because it seems to work for the kids"....that isn't very specific....so, I asked Miss Kat's regular audiologist why he chooses to use P and he told me that the research shows that adults prefer P and since kids can't express which sounds better, he tries to MAP them with the specifications that adults prefer. (AB users, what are you, or your child using? And why?)

So...we switched Miss Kat to CID's MAP and waited...she HATED it! She wasn't able to express "This MAP sounds weird", but I got a whole lot of "WHAT YOU SAY?!?!" and "I don't know what you saying", and had some behavioral issues, and ended up crying really hard the one night. So, we had to switch back to her old MAP. (Also, our audi was so curious about the S vs P that he had an adult AB user come in and after he finished his MAP he switched the program from P to S and asked the user what they thought. He said that they reported that the sound quality was much poorer and said it "sounded gravely"...just food for thought....but actually, how cool is our audi to do that?!? He really wanted to know which sounded better so he could program Miss Kat as well as possible. He is the best!)

That was the last few days at CID, and now tomorrow we are headed to the audi for a tune up. I've been trying to take notes on what Miss Kat is, and isn't hearing. She is struggling a little with hearing "S" at the end of words (plurals) and she can tell I am making a sound for "f" and "th", but she just blows air out of her nose when asked to make the sound. We are going to get her hearing the best she can since she doesn't have her hearing aid, and there is still two weeks until activation...(soooooo counting down!)

Overall, Miss Kat is doing great. She is happy and healthy and just having a great summer!

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leah said...

I'm glad they switched her back to the MAP that worked for her! It can be very frustrating when access to sound is compromised (Nolan doesn't say "what" yet when he doesn't understand, but he wanders off or averts his gaze when he isn't hearing us correctly).

How much longer until the new ear gets activated?