Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Overheard! (Huge AB news!)

First let me tell a cute story and then we will get to what I hope is HUGE news!!!

I was talking to Miss Kat in the car on the way home from school last week. She was watching a DVD and was struggling to understand me from the backseat. She said "Hold on, I can't hear you because of the movie." She then proceeded to turn the volume all the way down and then said "Go ahead." What a smartie! She knew she was struggling, knew why, and then remedied it. (As soon as I was done, she turned the volume right back up.)

Ok, the reason for the post!!!! Check out this post on Hearing Journey! WATERPROOF PROCESSOR!!!! No information is really available at this time, but AB has trademarked a processor by that name and they have just relaunched their internal device along with a new website....maybe the cat is out of the bag and they will talk! I am so excited! Miss Kat and I went swimming yesterday and I was thinking about how annoying it was to have her not be able to hear me and I started thinking about looking into the ways to wear a CI while swimming, but maybe we can wait!



Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you (hearing mom) and your deaf daughter converse in ASL together. Make it a 7 to 10 minute video seems sufficient. So we'd get the idea how you both sign back and forth. We're concerned about your dau. To see you both sign in the primary language ASL properly would satisfy

Miss Kat's Parents said...


Are you kidding me? Are you demanding that I post a video of my signing skills so you can grade me? My daughter is doing just fine. While ASL was her first and primary language, it really isn't anymore. We choose to continue to have her active in the Deaf community and find occasions to have her around other ASL using kids, so that her ASL skills will continue to grow.

You certainly don't have the right to be "concerned" as you do not actually know my daughter or our family. And above all, you do NOT have the right to judge our communication.

What a creepy suggestion! (You even specify how long it must be...gross)

Oh, and who on earth is "we"? (It sounds like some creepy org. checking up on us and they will take her away in a black SUV if the signing isn't up to their standards.)


richarder said...

I take my CI's off while running because of the sweat. It would be nice to hear the traffic while running. Thanks for posting this.


Joseph said...

Miss Kat's Mom-don't believe anonymous. There's some people trying to incite anger between asl users and ci users by pretending they're requesting information like this. I believe the culprit is a surprisingly prominent blogger, mostly because he writes the same way, and has imitated poor english skills in the same way. We should subsequently see blogs railing at asl users for their intolerance. -rolling eyes-

Anonymous said...

Tried the waterproof technique with the aloksak but our magnet wasn't strong enough to hold the coil on through the thick plastic, even with a swim cap on top. Will have to try again once we see our audi and get another magnet for our spare coil.

--Not posting my name in case it fails and I need to cash in my warranty! ;)

leah said...

Wow - that is so cool! I hope someone comes out with waterproof hearing aids one of these days (we have the benefit of residual hearing, but it isn't all that great in the pool).

"Anonymous" at the top of the comments section is definitely creepy-stalkerish with some boundary issues. Miss Kat is doing well and has lots of different tools in her communication toolbox. You guys are awesome! :-D

Anonymous said...

Being profoundly deaf from birth. It was my parents' decision for me and my sibling to learn to speak. I give my parents many credits for making this route. Having CI for several years as given me the ability to communicate much better than I did with my HAs. The greatest challenge for me was to talk on the phone to employees and outside of my employer.

I'm so proud of Kat and she is such an inspiration to us. High "5" to you and Kat.

Ingore Anonymous for this person has no respect and she/he is being very rude.