Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, July 19, 2010

Things to do in St. Louis!

Well, our time here at CID is coming to a close. We get our car and head home on Thursday. It has been a great experience, and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to do it. I want to again thank CID for their scholarship, and thank the wonderful donors who make it possible for CID to never turn away a child because they can not pay. I would like to thank Haven House as well. If they hadn't been here for us, this trip would have been impossible. They provided an inexpensive place for us to stay, meals, shuttled us to and from CID everyday, and even helped with the point of today's post, helped us find fun things to do on the week-ends!

CID is taking Miss Kat in filed trips every afternoon, and they are going to a lot of fun places. They went to the fire station, bowling, swimming, toured a grocery store and Cabella's, they went to Coldstone and made their own ice cream, lots of stuff! And on the week-ends we ventured out to have fun of our own!

So, if you are ever in St. Louis, don't miss:

The Science Center (It was a ton of fun, and we spent all day there...Oh, and it's free!)
The Magic House (It is a huge children's museum with 4 floors of stuff to do. It has a construction site, a math floor, and even a section about detective work. WARNING- they have a Van De Graff machine, so keep an eye out if you have a CI user, it's a BIG no-no.)
The Gateway Arch (Of course! They also have a cool museum under the arch. It is about the American frontier and the move westward. In fact, there was an exhibit about the Mormons traveling west...we have the very same exhibit at home, at the other end of the trail!)
The City Museum (Seriously, you HAVE to go here! We have added St. Louis to our list of "must go" action spots because of the City Museum. There are literally no words to describe how cool it is....except maybe 7 STORY SLIDE!!!)
Grant's Farm (This was an amazing trip. It is a little zoo that packs a punch. We were able to see the coolest elephant show ever, and you are up close to every single animal. They even let Miss Kat pet and feed the parrots, baby goats and a camel. It is free, and while it doesn't apply to us, maybe others will care....they also give out free beers to everyone.)

It's been a long 5 weeks, and Thursday I meet with all these wonderful professionals to go oer Miss Kat's testing and goals. I'm glad we came and can't wait to get home!!


Karen Mayes said...

Yup, St. Louis really rocks. It's my childhood home and my relatives still live there, so we visit there when we can.

Miss Kat's Parents said...

I am COVERED in bruises from the City Museum yesterday. It was a hot, sweaty, crazy, climbing adventure!

Karen Mayes said...


Did you try the small Ferris wheel atop of the City Museum building?

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Never made it to the roof! We saw maybe 30% of the stuff. It was amazing. I promised Miss Kat we would get to come again.

Karen Mayes said...

Does Grant's Farm still serve the free beer? It has been several years since the last time I went to Grant's Farm...

Virginia L. Beach said...

My mother's family is from Saint Louis and I still have some relatives there... although I have to confess I have never really spent time in the city, even tho I live only 2 hours away. I have been to the Arch and to Six Flags... but that's about it. I think I did go to the brewery once when I was a little kid with my family, but I can't really remember.
Thanks for your recommendations, I will keep them in mind if and when I return to Saint Louis. Looks like you had a great time!

Mary said...

We're glad you came and were able to be a part of CID's family this summer! Best wishes to Miss Kat for her surgery and you for the hard work that is ahead!

May Miss Kat soon dance in the sun,
Mary CID mom to Rachel

Mommy2three said...

Hi! I just found your blog a few days ago and seems we are both on the same track. lol My daughter has bilateral ci we are planning on going to JTC and CID next summer hopefully. I would love to talk to you more about your time there?