Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Approval for Bilaterals!

We got our insurance approval today, Miss Kat goes bilateral the 28th!!

It's very exciting because we actually had to change insurance companies because the previous plan flatly denied bilaterals! We've only had the new plan since July 1st! It's an awful big expense for the very first week!

We also like that it's only been 19 months since the first so the rehab won't have to too long and the ear should catch up to the first pretty quick. Plus, hopefully she won't end up with a "preferred" ear because it should catch up.

Miss Kat is a little nervous. When we first brought it up she HATED the idea. I asked her some questions and she explained that she had some worries. She told me she was worried it would hurt, I explained that the doctor would give us some medicine to help the pain. Then she asked how she would sleep with two big bandages on her head....I thought about it, and said "No! Your first implant is fine. It is staying the same. You aren't getting 2 implants, you are getting a SECOND implant!" She understood, and now she is excited.


leah said...

Good news on insurance approval. I hope Miss Kat's nerves calm down before the surgery day, and that the procedure goes very smoothly with a fast recovery!

PinkLAM said...

Congrats and good luck to Miss Kat! Going bilateral is well worth the bandages and the brief pain!

kim said...

Wonderful news! She has made such great progess this year with only one. I expect she'll do even better with two!