Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, July 1, 2010


CID is really working hard for us! Over the next week or so they are going to be doing comprehensive testing with Miss Kat and write up a big report about her current level, and what kind of program and services she will need for the school year. I am so happy! They will be writing recommendations for the school at home, and helping me to know what appropriate goals would be (something we have always struggled with).

CID will be assess several areas with several different tests. Miss Kat will be taking:

 the Expressive Vocabulary Test for expressive vocabulary

  Peabody Picture vocabulary Test for receptive.

 For speech she will be taking for Articulation  the Goldman Fristoe Test

And for language she will be given a comprehensive expressie and receptive language test called Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals

So, I will return home, armed with this information, and with recommendations for exactly what kind of services and goals Miss Kat will need and how to go about getting them.

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heidi said...

I'm glad CID is working out so well for Miss Kat. My daughter is in the nursery class on Tuesday and Thursdays. I have also seen a huge difference in her in just the past few weeks. I'm sure some is age related but she is doing great.
Enjoy STL all that you can while you are here. There quite a few free things to do with the kiddos aroung town. My new favorite is City Garden downtown at 8th & Market. Miss Kat should wear a swimsuit so she can play in the water jets.
I likely won't see you because a family friend takes my daughter to and from school. But if you see a cute, slightly curly headed, almost two year old bilateral CI user say hi and she's sure to smile, wave and if you are lucky say hi back at you.