Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Refusing to listen

So Miss Kat had another MAPing last week. After we were finished she was having her audiogram done and she was having a terrible time. We tried for awhile but we couldn't get any responses lower than about 30 db. I was HORRIFIED. We hoped it was just a bad day and we just wrote it off.

Today, at speech, she got back in the booth, and we were getting NO response at all with the tones below 40 db! So we switched over to voice. Miss Kat ID'ed all the ling sounds at 20 db. Soooooooo.....she's hearing, but she won't respond to the tones.

What is up with that??? Is she just sick of the testing???


mishkazena said...

Perhaps she needs some positive reinforcements to encourage her to particpate in the testing

JennyB said...

I know when I was a kid I would go on strike during hearing tests. It could very well be that she is sick of it.

Dianrez said...

Don't be horrified...it telegraphs to the child your anxiety over her hearing ability. Relax and let it go, she will hear on her own terms anyway and will extract from it all the benefits accessible to her, no matter what you think about it now.

Just keep it fun, rewarding and interesting, and in the meantime pay more attention to her academic development.

Miss Kat's Parents said...

I was only "horrified" because she was hearing so much better before. She was hearing at 15 db, so 35+ is not acceptable.

She is doing great academically and she is "hearing on her own term", very very well, and the "benefit she is extracting" is the ability to understand spoken language.

MB said...

Marielle does the exact same thing. Unaided she will get down to 55 db with speech. With tones she doesn't respond until 75 or 80 db!

leah said...

That's interesting with the pure tones/speech thing. I'd definitely keep an eye on it- she might need a new map? Nolan does better with speech than with pure tones. His hearing levels are generally 50-60dB, except at one frequency where he hits 35-40dB. He can detect speech at 30dB, though! Go figure.

She is responding to the Ling sounds, so at least that is reassuring.

Anonymous said...

I remember vividly having to take one hearing test after another as a kid-- it got downright boring! Duh! There should be a way to make those tests fun.

The academics really count-- it really reflects the child's grasp of language...or not.


Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

Some days my girl just doesn't want to hear. Some days I just don't want to hear. :-)