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Kat Reading

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neptune Time

So, we have been having nothing but problems with the Neptune! Miss Kat reported that she could hear nothing with it. Through several phone conversations with AB, we tried drying the headpiece, switching the headpiece, changing programs, switching to the universal headpiece, changing the cord, trying different kinds of batteries, and finally trying a whole new processor. All to no avail. The Neptune would power on, flash 4 orange light (showing full battery), one green (for program one) and then flash red until connected to her head...that was all perfect. Then, when we connected it to Miss Kat, no sound, and the processor wouldn't flicker green in reaction to any sounds. We weren't getting any faulty lights, Miss Kat just couldn't hear. At first we assumed maybe it was a bad mic, which would make sense (since the processor is showing all the right lights, it thinks it is working, the sound just isn't getting through.) Well, we switched headpieces and that didn't fix it. So we switched out every possible piece, and still no sound. Oh, and did I mention that Miss Kat is in Utah, and her Nana is having to do all this troubleshooting, over the phone with us, having never touched a Neptune before! She had no idea what to do!!

Finally, I get ahold of an angel of an audiologist at AB. I am VERY frustrated (and probably rude) at this point. We have been dealing with it for 5 days, and AB had sent out every part imaginable. So, I repeat our problem and list all the things we had tried. She says "I think the program is set to aux. only." Ummm, what? She asked what the microphone settings were on her Harmony. I replied that last I checked, they were 50/50. She explained that if her MAP was set to t-mic only (aux), and then just loaded into the Neptune, she wouldn't be able to hear. The processor would be working perfectly, except that the mic wouldn't be turned on! Well, duh. Where was she 5 days ago??

So, Miss Kat headed back up to Cache (who profusely apologized) and switched it over. She now hears just fine and can finally start getting wet!


CDM said...

Oh wow, sounds crazy! Glad you guys were able to get the Neptune issues resolved.

dlefler said...

Oh, goodness! I'm glad that someone figured out what was going on and switched it over to the right setting!

Anonymous said...

thought you guys might like to know about the contest (if you don't already). Miss Kat could win a video camera! http://www.myabfreestyle.com/