Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goings on

We received the Neptune yesterday. It is awesome! It came will a full suitcase of parts, including 3 different color options. We are so excited. We mailed it off to Miss Kat (who is in Utah visiting family), who should get it in less than an hour!

Yesterday, Miss Kat also had a MAPing appointment with her old audiologist from Utah. I wanted another set of eyes to check out her hearing. I love Cache. He is really invested in making sure his patients hear well, and we have the same approach to testing and MAPing. He is extremely aggressive and willing to push Miss Kat in order to ensure that she has the best access to sound. He tinkered around and made some changes, and did some discrimination testing. He says Miss Kat is doing amazing. He thinks her scores are great (I think there is plenty of room for improvement!) He hasn't seen her sent we moved for Miss Kat's oral school and he is DUMBFOUNDED by her growth! He says that he is so proud of her and that he wants to show her off. He just kept saying he couldn't believe how far she has come, and said "We did a good thing" (about deciding to implant her.)

We totally agree!


dlefler said...

Way cool! It's nice that she received it during the summer so that she can use it in the pool for the rest of the warm summer months!

EllenF said...

The CI specialist I talked to said she really liked the Neptune for kids- so much fun to be had near water! I hope Miss Kat enjoys pool days with the extended family :) and THANK YOU for writing this blog. I have read every single post and comment in the last couple weeks (in between ASL tutorial videos) and it has been an inspiration and an education. I have learned so many things since my son was born deaf in April, and you (and many of your commenters) have provided useful information.