Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our next big summer adventure!

Every year we use the summer as an opportunity to continue Miss Kat's education and to had tons of fun! This year is no different!

Our summer is packed!

First up: A reading camp for deaf kids in upper elementary school. It is being held by a local university that has a Teacher of the Deaf program.

Then: 5 weeks of summer school...and on the week-ends:

1. The big 9 year old birthday party at Six Flags!!
2.  ASL family camp at the State school for the Deaf
3. National AG Bell Conference

Then back to Utah for 4 weeks to visit the family!

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dlefler said...

I love summer time! We have a similarly packed summer- Nolan's 5th birthday party (superheroes), a trip to the Finger Lakes, visits to the science museum and zoo, etc. We always have so much fun! Have a great trip back to Utah - it is hard to be away from family, so that four weeks will be really great. Here's to warm days and lots of wonderful experiences!