Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How the IEP went...

It went great! I am so happy to finally be in a place that understands Miss Kat's needs and are willing and able to meet those needs!

So, here is the run down:

Annual Goal #1- To use a variety of four to six word sentences that include nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, and questions with 60% accuracy. (The goal then had 6 benchmarks/objectives which are rather complicated because they are based on a particular form that CID uses to track expressive language.)

 We are now moving on to the "complex sentence" level!

Annual Goal #2- To improve Miss Kat's pragmatic language skills in social situations and in conversations to 80% accuracy. (The goal had 14 individual benchmarks/objectives!)

2/3 of the Goal MET!

This one we discussed for awhile! The benchmarks that Miss Kat did not meet (she is doing it 50% of the time, not the 80% required to "pass it off") have to do with her bossiness and strong personality. Apparently, she has trouble allowing others to talk (even the teacher!) in class, and often she will interrupt or try to talk over people when she has something to say....not a huge surprise, but we'll keep working on it!

Annual Goal #3- To improve Miss Kat's written language to 80% accuracy. (The goal had 6 benchmarks/objectives. They included her working on sounding out words to spell them independently as well as just capitalization and punctuation.)


Miss Kat's writing has improved tremendously this year. We couldn't be happier!

Annual Goal #4- Miss Kat will improve her overall voice quality given teacher prompts with 80% accuracy. (We had 4 benchmarks/objectives for this goal including syllable stress, pitch variation, etc.)


The only issue we have with this is that Miss Kat still struggles with using the skills she has acquired when she is overly excited. She tends to throw everything out the window and her speech gets way less intelligible when she gets worked up...I'm sure it will get better.

Annual Goal #5- Miss Kat will improve her articulation skills with 80% accuracy given teacher prompts. (We had 8 articulation benchmarks/objectives. Everything from l,s, and r-blends to voiceless /th/)

50/50 on this Goal

Articulation is tough. It will be something that takes time and practice. This is the speech portion of the IEP, and Miss Kat will be able to improve her speech (since speech is not language, it is just as skill) for as long as she wants to do therapy.

Annual Goal #6- To improve Miss Kat's auditory perception of spoken language in a structured setting with 80% accuracy. (We had 10 benchmarks/objectives. Some were just about audition and others worked on improving her auditory memory.)

50/50 on this Goal

Ever since we left the NICU, we have been aware that there is a very real possibility that because Miss Kat was deprived of oxygen for so long, she could have serious brain damage. It is very clear that Miss Kat has NOT been profoundly affected by that lack of oxygen. However, as she gets older, it has become clear that she has some memory issues. She struggles the most in her "working memory". She wasn't able to meet some of these sub-goals (auditory memory) because of that. Now, it isn't just her auditory memory that is affected, her working visual memory is poor as well. We are brainstorming with the school to figure out some accommodations that will help her in this area.

Annual Goal #7- To improve Miss Kat's phonic skills to 80% accuracy. (This is tied into the next goal.)
Annual Goal #8- To improve Miss Kat's phonemic awareness skills to 80% accuracy. (This is the last year for phonemic awareness, because as Miss Kat gets older, it will all be tied to print now.)


Annual Goal #8- To improve Miss Kat's vocabulary skills to 80% accuracy. (This goal had 4 benchmarks/objectives. They are all related to vocabulary in reading, not in spoken language.)


Annual Goal #9- To improve Miss Kat's reading comprehension skills to 80% accuracy. (This goal had 8 benchmarks/objectives. It covers everything from retelling a story, to making inferences, to interpreting characters feelings in a story.)


Reading has always been our greatest concern. If Miss Kat never learns to say another word, but is a fluent reader, we have done our job. From the very beginning, we have been completely committed to making sure that Miss Kat doesn't fall into that awful 4th grade reading level statistic. In fact, one of the reasons we chose the school she is now attending is their commitment to literacy. Miss Kat's reading has grown leaps and bounds this year, and we couldn't be happier.

Annual Goal #10-12- To expand Miss Kat's math, science, and social studies knowledge at her grade level curriculum. (These goals cover the rest of the state curriculum.)


I am so thankful that Miss Kat's school is so thorough and takes into account all these areas of development. They are truly amazing. We haven't had to fight or worry or push to make sure she is getting the services she needs.

Woo Hoo!

(Next up, standardized testing and audiology!)


The McGowans said...

Great work, Miss Kat, parents and school. So helpful to see the goals set out so clearly.

We're still in the weekly AVT stage with our therapist setting goals each week for us but when Mx graduates from therapy, we'll need to find a school to help tailor our goals for each year.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she still has very significant language issues, leading to significant educational issues, despite bilateral implant and oral environment.

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Miss Kat has had access to english for 3 years. When she began hearing with her first implant, she was nearly 6 years behind. Is she completely caught up to the average hearing 8 year old? No. But since she's been in an appropriate educational environment, she's made tremendous progress. Again, activation day was DAY ONE of her learning English. It's a whole new language. Just because she can hear now, doesn't mean it doesn't take time to learn a whole new language.

Thanks for the support!