Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Read this today...

"Although the development of spoken language is a major purpose of implantation 
(Geers, 2006; Incesulu et al., 2003), not all parents value this outcome to the same extent. 
Archbold et al. (2006) reported that 25% of parents who responded to their survey did not 
expect their child to talk after implantation, and 13% felt neutrally. Furthermore, 73% of 
parents agreed or strongly agreed that signing support is helpful for a considerable time after 

Very interesting! Truth be told, be would have been in that 25% when Miss Kat was implanted. We never expected her to learn to hear or speak.

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Dianrez said...

Interesting. That shows that some people are receiving correct information when considering the CI: that speech and hearing are NOT guaranteed.

I hope that these parents are also counseled that other aspects of the child are even more valuable and need daily nurturing: intellectual development, visual and motor skills, critical thinking and analysis, reading, general information, language development by other means besides spoken, social skills and emotional needs.

It worries me that people like Ann Geers and Karl White continue to emphasize the auditory and oral goals of the CI, as if it is an end in itself. This leads me to think that more than a few parents will be misled, and reading some parent blogs seems to confirm that.

Please continue to advocate that all parents utilize ASL as part of the total approach and see their child as a whole being no matter what their hearing capability is.