Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Children of Deaf Adults

Tonight we headed out to a Deaf community party (which we do about once a month...gotta keep up with our signing!) We played some fun games, and Miss Kat really enjoys hanging out with the other kids. They are, of course, all hearing, but have Deaf parents. (There have been a few deaf kids that have come in the time we have been going, but mostly, just CODAs.) Tonight was no different, Miss Kat participates in the games until she and the other kids grow bored and they head off to another part of the room to play hide and seek and tag. So, she is chasing a friend around and one of her processors go flying off. Another kid picks it up and hands it to her, and they all look at it and ask "What is that for?" Miss Kat explains that it is her implant and she uses it to hear.....uh...so, you guys have been playing together for 2 hours and you didn't notice that she was deaf? It took her showing you her processor and actually saying it for you to figure it out?

What a world!


Liysa Callsen said...

Good for you and Ms. Kat. She is precious!

Anonymous said...

That is a bad posting!

B.BarNavi said...

>bad posting

0/10, try again.

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