Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's broken

It was bound to happen at some point, we knew it would. I'm surprised we made it this long, to be honest.

Last night, as Miss Kat was getting ready for bed, something happened. Daddy walked into Miss Kat's room and she was up in her bed. He asked her to give him her implants, (so he could put them in in the Dry & Store) and....crap.

Miss Kat's right processor was tied in a knot and hanging from the side rail of her of her bed . Argh, that isn't exactly the respect for a $7000 device we like, but things actually got worse. Upon further inspection, it was broken. The connection between the processor and the headpiece had been snapped and the tiny prongs were still stuck inside. Oh, and did I mention that we just passed out of warranty? 

We were upset to say the least. What on earth was she doing?! WHY was the implant tied to her bed??? And what the heck happened?!?

So, we got Miss Kat out of bed and we had a serious discussion. We explained that we were very upset and we wanted to know what had happened. She was very penitent and told us that she had taken her processor off and was crawling around in her bed and had accidentally leaned on it and it had snapped. Alright, it was kinda her fault but it was a fairly reasonable explanation. And the hanging? Well, now it was broken and she couldn't put it back on her head! 

So, we explained to Miss Kat that the only two places the processors should be are either on her ears or in the Dry & Store. If she is taking them off, she needs to hand them to an adult or take them and put them away herself. We thanked her for her honesty and told her we loved her and she went back to bed.

In the meantime, Daddy got out his pliers and was able to pull the little piece out of the processor, so all we need is a new headpiece! (Oh, and we discovered we still actually have 2 months left on the warranty). We actually made it to nearly 3 years without kid-related damage. In retrospect, we actually should be celebrating that! 


leah said...

Oh, goodness! I am glad the pliers came to the rescue.. hopefully you can get a new headpiece soon! Nolan has taken his hearing aids apart like legos, but we don't have quite as much expense when those are damaged as you would have with the CI - thank goodness it is still under warranty! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how she felt when you guys woke her up, had the "serious discussion" with her.

You guys are putting a ton of responsibility on an innocent child.

I weep for her.

B.BarNavi said...

Crocodile tears, anon. Kids should learn how to be responsible, period.