Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Re: Miss Kat's Brain

As we were collecting everything to head out the door to go to school this morning, I turned and saw Miss Kat staring off into space. She had a little, sort of, frown on her face. I called to her, she didn't turn, so I asked "Are you ok, honey?" and at the same time Hubby asked "What's wrong?". Miss Kat finally looked up and said "What?" So, again, Hubby asked "Everything ok? You looked sad." And Miss Kat answered, "No, I was watching a movie in my brain."

Just thought I would share.


leah said...

That is awesome! She is such a clever and cute kiddo - I love it!

I wish I could watch a movie in my head.. it would save money on movie rentals, lol!

Anonymous said...

I daydream like that all the time. I thought alot of people can do that. Just curious, can hearing people see movies in their head?

Anonymous said...

I love reading Kat's journey.
Her success with the implant is truely a gift. Also,it is wonderful that you continue her exposure to ASL and the deaf community. When she is at deaf functions, with deaf friends, or just working on her ASL, do you have her remove her implant?
Why or why not? Curious.......