Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Friday, June 4, 2010

Two language samples

The first was done during the first few weeks of school.It was this year, when Miss Kat switched to the oral school. The second was in May, Miss Kat was doing her book report. In a language sample all utterences are written exactly as the child says them. You don't "fill in" what they meant. Both samples are oral only.


He go door
He home
A store
All go see
All talk talk
See look
Look cat
Look cat
Mouse look mouse
Run dog
Play bird
All animals
Animals line eat (sim com)
Have bag
Have cat
Have dog
Have cup
Can? Cup
Bye bye mama
Again cat
Cat go home


Hello puppy. Hello kitty.
What doing?
What cat's name?
Cat's name Sas.
Dog's name Sally.
Bunny black and white, pink ears.
Saw bed, saw a bunny.
That bunny nameBunnicula.
"Wow. Wow. That cool bunny"
He saw my daddy, boy, boy.
He's bad!
That's not good, that bad.
Bunny mean!
That red.
So bunny, he hungry.
Then so sad, so hungry.
He's so sad.
Then kitty look bunny tail.
Kitty think maybe bunny bite.
Then he eat.
Bunny bad!
Not food grass, no.
Then the food gone, can't eat.
Happy bunny.
Oh no, can't eat!
He big bunny!
Puppy, what?
Crazy kitty!
Maybe Bunnicula.
Kitty may be scary.
Bunny don't like.
Well, so sad.
He so sad.
He can't eat.
Kitty think sad.
Today, maybe bunny go away.
He's so cute!
Kitty don't like. Go away!
Puppy, "what?"
They talk.
Bunny look cat.
That's funny, the eyes.
Mom-mom cook.
Bunny like eat.
Bunny jump up.

That is way more than an 8 month gain!!!


leah said...

Holy crow- look at the growth! Rock on, Miss Kat!

Definitely more than an 8 month gain- she's doing so very well!

Li-Li's Mom said...

holy crow is right, Leah!

That's amazing and wonderful -- how awesome to be able to communicate so very much, so well! Give that girl a big hug from this random stranger on the web :)

I really need to do this type of sampling, just to get a sense of progression. I'd love to see a jump like that!

Lissa said...

Go Kat!! :)