Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bye-Bye Bilateral

I want to start by sharing a comment I left on someone elses blog about JTC. It was left in response to someone asking how JTC can possibly NOT be anti-ASL:

My experience was that they were not ANTI- anything, as long as it was working for your child. We are seriously the best signing hearing family you will ever meet, and they accepted Miss Kat, and had no problem with her signing in the classroom. It is a language, and it is how she communicates, what is there to be "against"? They are simply experts at oral language development. That is why you go there. They don't teach ASL, and they aren't the experts in that field, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. I would never ask my gyno about a CI, so I don't ask JTC for information about ASL and ASL development. I found that they were FAR more interested in whole child development than in being dogmatic about "oralism". They want each family to figure out what works for their child, and they are here to provide tools for those who desire spoken language for their child.

There you go! On to the reason behind this post-

So...we missed the deadline for open enrollment while I was at JTC, so we will not be getting a bilateral implant this year. Instead, we will be getting a Phonak Naida hearing aid. I'm not happy, but I really can't do squat about it, so I'm hoping the hearing aid will at least improve her hearing some. (But we all know I don't believe it will)

Our IEP is scheduled for August 18th. We have no idea what we want, or how to get it, but we will be going in strong with great goals, and a positive outlook. And with my sunny disposition and winning personality, how could we not get everything Miss Kat needs?


melissa said...

Maybe the Phonak Naida will help her, apparently it is a powerful hearing aid

Anonymous said...

How early do they start giving IEPs?

I am a little bit shocked, your daughter looks so young.

MB said...

We had our first IEP at 2 years old.

Anonymous said...

How could you possibly get everything your daughter needs when you have stated that you don't even know what you want or how to get it?

Stop vaccilating.