Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Sentence!

Miss Kat said a 3 word sentence tonight! She said "Where my keys?" (More like "Whee mie kee" but still!!) It was pretty understandable too. I wasn't facing her to see the sign and I understood what she was saying.Later, we went to the store and she understood that I wanted her to find the bananas and the milk without signing. She is doing so well. She is only 2 months post activation!!!

I was discussing her progress with the director of our birth to 3 program for deaf and hoh kids on Saturday. She was astounded by how well Miss Kat was doing, and in such a short amount of time. We discussed how Miss Kat really doesn't fall into any real "category" for deaf or CI kids, and that her path is truly going to be her own. She even pointed out that we should maybe think of Miss Kat as sort of a "post lingually deafened" child. She's right too. Miss Kat had a few words before she started to lose her hearing. She obviously heard well for the first year of her life, and then was amplified within a very short time after she began to lose her hearing. She had good access to sound for another year or two with her hearing aids, before she started to really drop into the "severe" range. And within 6 months of becoming a candidate, she was implanted. While she hadn't been able to understand and access speech very well, she was hearing and was attempting to understand the garbled mess she was getting.

I don't know if those things made a difference, but I do know that I am so glad we did this for Miss Kat. She is doing amazing, but what seems like very little effort on her part, and very very quickly!

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Anonymous said...

What a shame that you would even allow "everyone" around this child to cover their mouth when speaking. That is nothing short of cruel.