Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Listening Ladder

In therapy and at home we use the Advanced Bionics "Listening Ladder" to work on auditory discrimination. (http://www.hearingjourney.com/Listening_Room/Kids/Listening_Ladder/index.cfm?langid=1)
A few days ago I decided to try something new. I started adding a word that wasn't part of the closed set. I would throw in something like "banana", that wasn't a choice. Miss Kat would SCREAM (and sign) "NO! Don't have banana!". She loved it! And she was hearing for comprehension! She understood the words, listening only!

Today Miss Kat graduated from level 3 to level 4! She had been on level 3 since about two weeks after activation, but tonight she was doing the hardest words and doing it perfectly, so I decided to try it. It seems like a really huge jump. In level 3, she was discriminating "window" from "hot dog" and "scissors" from "snowman". In level 4, it is "pea" from "pie", "pen" and "pool".

It took her a few tries to hear the difference, but she got it. I am so proud of her. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have believed she would be able to do this for months. I guess she is the kind of kid who jumps!

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Kim said...

Way to go Miss Kat!!!! You are doing fantastic!! Keep up the great work