Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, April 21, 2014

Achievement Testing

This year is the 4th time that Miss Kat's school has given her the end of the year testing. They use the Stanford Achievement Test. They do it in March every year and they administer the test based on the student's age. The test then gives a grade level equivalency for the student's performance. Because we do this every year, the school is able to not only gauge what level of instruction Miss Kat needs, but also track whether or not she is making yearly progress. We, of course, are hoping for greater than 1 year's progress in one year's time because we are trying to close the gap and have Miss Kat's language and academic level match those of children with typical hearing.

I am going to start by showing what Miss Kat scored the first time she was tested (after she had been at her school for 3 months) and what she scored this year. There are 9 subtests, so this might get confusing, but stay with me!

                                                                         2011                2014
Sounds and Letters (word study skills)          K.1                  3.1
Word Reading (reading vocabulary)               K.8                 3.5
Reading Comprehension                                 1.1                   3.3
Math Problem Solving                                      PK                  3.4
Language                                                          PK                  3.3
Spelling                                                             PK                  4.3
Science                                                            K.2                 3.0
Social Studies                                                  PK                  3.4
Listening                                                           K.2                  4.2

In 9 separate subtests Miss Kat made more than 1 year's progress in one year's time! In some areas she made up to 2+ years! (Last year she made greater than one year's worth of gain in 4 areas, and that is nothing to sneeze at!) Miss Kat is now within one year of her hearing peers! Her hard work and dedication is paying off! She is amazing!

(Of course much of this is due to her amazing school! We could not be more thankful for her teachers as well!)


Lissa said...

What Grade is Miss Kat in now? Its hard to tell on her scores how mch progress she has made

Miss Kat's Parents said...

This year she is in 4th grade.

EllenF said...

Congrats to Miss Kat and team! It is great to see all the hard work paying off :)