Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House rules? Oh, never mind...

Miss Kat's Nana came to take her back to Utah for the last weeks of summer, and her oldest cousin came along to get a taste of our city. We love showing the out of town guest all the awesome things there are to do here. Well, her cousin said something and Miss Kat missed the remark. Miss Kat asked for clarification, and her cousin brushed her off. That's when Miss Kat stopped everything and did something I'm EXTREMELY proud of!

She said:
"No, in our house we don't say 'never mind', you have to tell me. It is the rule".

Great job Miss Kat!! She advocated for herself, and wasn't allowing herself to be left out of the conversation. And she is right, we don't allow never mind in our house. We don't allow either side of a communication to give up or to leave the other person out. I was so excited that Miss Kat has completely internalized the fact that she has the right to be included in every conversation and that she deserves access! Keep fighting Miss Kat!!


Amanda Dunaway said...

That is so wonderful! Go Katrina!

Cedric said...

This is great!