Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I was talking to Miss Kat with her implants off tonight and I asked her if she could hear me. She said "No but I can read your lips and your signing". (Of course I knew she couldn't hear me but it was leading to the next part.) So I asked her what she could hear and her answer was "Nothing". So, I asked her if it was weird not hearing, and she said "No, I like the peace and quiet." Then she said "I like hearing things like jokes, but not the rain, or the crashing and crackles (I think she meant lightning and thunder). Daddy has to wear those things in his ears (earplugs). But that is why i am just deaf."



that Deaf Girl said...

I like the piece and quiet too... There are some major advantages to being deaf!

Anonymous said...

I'm like that too. I sometimes don't put my hearing aids on in the morning, enjoying the peace and quiet. But, when I leave the house, I have to have it on. I can't live without peace/quiet and I definitely can't live without my hearing aids.


Elliott and Cara's Dad said...

My son is like that in the tub when he is taking baths. We almost can have a normal conversation just by his lip reading.

Also cute was my wife on Xmas day absentmindedly saying to the kids "Did you guys hear Santa's sleigh bells last night?" His reply "NO MOM, I dont wear my CI to bed!"