Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Advanced Bionics New Products!

Here is the paperwork from which these photos are pulled. It is a PowerPoint presentation given to investors on Thursday. http://www.sonova.com/Presentations/20121025_EUHA_Presentation_Handout_1.pdf

And here are the photos of the new internal device and processor.

They are a little blurry because they had to be blown up from the PowerPoint, but I think it is clear that they are much smaller and thinner than the Harmony. They also obviously have a thinner T-mic. The internal receiver appears to be thinner and square now, rather than round like the 90K. In one of the photos the battery case is rounded but in the other the corners are flat...my fully uninformed, wild guess would be that one is rechargeable, the other disposables.

And your baseless guesses, uninformed opinions???

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