Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Monday, June 18, 2012

Graduation and Honors Day

No, Miss Kat was not graduating! Her best friend did though...and last year her two closest friends....so, I will let her new friend's parents know the good news, she will surely graduate next year!

The kiddos sang a cute little song (one we had been hearing pieces of for a week or more.) And Mommy cried...also not a surprise.

Miss Kat also got two awards this year! She received a computer award for "most improvement in technology skills". Even better though, Miss Kat got a "High Academic Achievement Award". She was awarded this award for "superior achievement in word study". What that means is that on her Stanford Achievement Test (the school does yearly standardized testing) she made GREATER than one year's progress in one year! For the record, Miss Kat made one year's growth in all areas of testing, but in "Word Study" (one of the reading sub-tests) she made 1 year 7 months growth! That is nearly two years!! Go Miss Kat!!

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