Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Residual Hearing Continued

So, I checked to see if it was vibrations she was feeling (instead of hearing). First, I stood in the tub and did it...nothing. So, then I had Hubby stand in the tub....nothing. So, then I had Miss Kat stand out in the hallway, on different floor material, and tried again. Yep, she still heard it. Finally, I had Hubby stand in the hall, on a pillow, holding Miss Kat, with her back to me. Dropped the lid three more times, she heard it each time.

Guess she IS hearing it. Maybe I'll get the audiologist to take her in the booth and see what they find.


Dianrez said...

On a pillow, okay, so the floor isn't carrying vibrations. Maybe she IS hearing it, after all. I'd still suspect she was feeling vibration in the air, but would also be interested to see the audio results now.

However...is Miss Kat picking up your anxiousness that she HEAR? It is not likely that she will be hearing normally again.

There are other things more important...so get excited about her emerging native gifts. Here there is more potential for awesome growth.

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Nah, she thought it was funny. She wanted me to go around the house seeing what else she could hear.

PinkLAM said...

I am not surprised since I have had the same experience! Do you know the cause of Miss Kat's hearing loss? I also had a progressive hearing loss (and often felt my hearing fluctuated). Since I received my bilateral CI's, I have heard my sister doing some sort of snapping thing with her gum. It was a sharp sound, but not particularly loud. I am typically unable to hear voices (even yelling) without my CI's, but I just heard my dog barking without my implants on... and I am a floor above where he is (although our house is very open)! It is kind of neat, especially since there are other sounds that are perceived as being louder and around the same frequency that I can't hear. That said, what I hear today isn't necessarily what I heard yesterday or will hear tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

hi MKM: it seems that the implantation did not destroy all of Miss Kat's hearing after all. A v/blogger named Raychelle make an excellent post about how the newest generations of CIs are thinner and don't strip the cochlea of all the hair cells that enable hearing. This is very interesting to me because, as an adult, one of my concerns was that the implantation would destroy all my residual hearing in my better ear. This is the ear that my surgeon recommended to be implanted. I can actually sense some sounds with that ear, but suspect that it's mostly vibro-tactile.

anyway, thanks for sharing your experience!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the doctor had failed to informed you that the residual hearing is TOTALLY destroyed during the cochlear implantion. Ergo, you confuse a sense of sound with a sense of feel.

Aside from above, I can feel the vibration -- not hear the sound -- of the brake of the subway under the ground below my 6th-story apartment at at 2:30 every night. My dBs in the right ear and the left ear are respectively 125+ and unmeasurable; yet I can FEEL, not hear the subway.


Me said...

I've been a CI double implantee for over two years. I have no residual hearing at all.

I tried your experiment myself - standing on a pillow, and then on two, and then on three - while on a wall-to-wall carpet, down the hall, 50 feet away.

I still felt the lid clank shut ;-) ... vibrations, esp low frequency ones, travel a long ways.

And, I believe, there was water in the tub with Miss Kat? but not when you stood in it? Water will let sound vibrations hit your entire submerged body.

Something else I have noticed.. if I'm using a hammer or someone near me is using one, I can feel the sound pressure on my ear drums... I can't hear anything, but I can, in fact feel the pressure of the sound waves.

Maybe that Miss Kat is feeling the floor and feeling the pressure waves too, but might be good to have the audiologist confirm.



Anonymous said...


Learn to stop looking at your daughter's EARS. Look at her GESTALTLLY!


Anonymous said...

i'm with jean's comment @ stop looking at the ears

Mike said...

Jean needs to realize that CI newer procedures and devices nowadays reduce the risk of destroying what residual hearing that's left.


Secondly, it's not a guarantee that CI will destroy hair cells but that it MAY destroy hair cells.