Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Saturday, February 12, 2011

USDB appears to be safe...for now

I don't know what to think of this situation. I have received some very conflicting reports about what is happening out there.

The oral advocates tell me that this whole situation happened because the Deaf community has been continuously fighting against the superintendent, claiming he is biased and saying that USDB is broken, so the Board finally agreed! They said that if USDB is so bad, let's just close it down and be done! You can finally have what you want!


My Deaf community friends say that this entire thing was a stunt orchestrated by the superintendent to further his oral agenda and put the fear into the Deaf community. They say that it is another example of his partisan politics and disrespect for the bi-bi school. The say that it shows his irresponsibility and that he should be removed immediately.

I am sooooooooo sick of this garbage. I am sick of everyone taking sides. Why is it always "MY way is right and your's is wrong"? Why do we have to try to build up one method by tearing the other down? Why can't we just respect each other's choices whether or not they are the same as ours? Successful kids come from EVERYWHERE.


Steve from Boise said...

I am sorry- but I have to disagree with your last comment- whenever the deaf people speak, we ought listen! They know what they are talking about since they ARE deaf themselves and with they exactly KNOW what works and what doesn't. If I want to know what women want, should I ask a man? Of course not! This principle applies here! Notice this, if you will-- most of the decisions on which methods work the best for the deaf (oral, cochlea implant, etc)are made by hearing people themselves!! Deaf people: nothing about us but us!

Anonymous said...

Upplausing for Steve! You have hit the nail on its head! It is audism when hearing people control deaf issues.

Anonymous said...

Usually, it is money issues. I am going to assume that this is what it is really about.

No one can say right now what it really happening. To those getting riled up about audism: before getting upset about a superintendent's supposed "oral agenda", first find out if this is really the reason. How do you know this is true? This is only based on what Ms. Kat's mom has heard. Do some investigation and get some first hand knowledge. Talk to the superintendent and find out, before you learn that you are screaming about nothing.

Ms. Kat's mom, are right, it should not be about picking sides. Every child is different, you can't say that all need this and that. It really depends.

I hope they don't close down the school. There should be more bi-bi schools and good schools for the deaf, rather than only have limited options of mainstreaming your child.

Dianrez said...

It's happening all over. Some schools have actually been closed, currently New York is facing having its 8 schools for the deaf placed under local school budgets.

This means kids would have to be approved by their home school board for attendance at a specialized school for the deaf.

Since this costs way more than a hearing kid's education, PLUS every board's budget is cut 10 to 20 percent, most will want to economize by keeping the deaf kids and mainstreaming them with a few support staff.

This can only foster isolation and dependency. It may involve mistaken ideas about new devices and interpreters, but basically it's about money.

Anonymous said...

Steve, it makes no sense to say that only deaf people should have a say in what's good for all deaf people. If I wanted to know what women in general want I certainly wouldn't ask only women - I'd ask men too. That's like saying if you want to know how inner city schools should be run you should only ask black people for opinions. This is NOT how a democracy functions.