Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A few cute things

This morning I was laying in bed (wishing that the creaking in Miss Kat's bed would stop and she would go back to sleep, but no dice!) and Miss Kat climbed out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom. I heard the door shut and then a minute later "Help! Help! The door is locked!". I run to the bathroom and it isn't locked, just stuck, so I let her out. She thanked me and went back to her room. It was sooooo cute to hear her call for help!

Also this week Miss Kat asked to get "french fries from Donalds" Woo Hoo! We went straight there! Also, this week at school it is "Spirit Week". Each day has a different theme and the kids are supposed to dress to theme. For example, Thursday was crazy hat day, Tuesday was backwards day, etc. So, Friday was supposed to be blue and white day. Well, Miss Kat came home from school Thursday afternoon and informed us that it was not blue and white day but "pajama day". That is impressive not just because of the vocabulary improvement (used to be called "sleep clothes") but also because that would have been said over the speakers and they wouldn'r have sat there and explained it, she would have had to pick it up...not too shabby!

Last night we attended a Deaf community event (one next week too). As soon as we walked in Miss Kat sternly told us (in voice) "No talking!" Well, that didn't last the whole time! While she used ASL with Deaf people, she still prefered to speak to us and hearing people (even though we signed the whole time). For "unknown" persons, she would speak and sign. Miss Kat was amazingly cute last night too. She decided that she was going to help out with one of the games. She would give the kids the tickets that they would earn. She would tell them "You're so beautiful!" (to little girls) or "You're are so strong" (to boys after they played) and everyone got a "Good job!" when she handed them the tickets or "So close!" if they missed. If they missed all the rings, she would say "It's ok, you still get one." I love my monkey so much.


Dianrez said...

Wonderful! You're all doing so beautifully! Congratulations!

haddy2dogs said...

Wow! She is super cute!

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Why yes, yes she is! :)

Ericka said...

she is so cute :) she's got a lot of energy too!

leah said...

She is so awesome- I love how she has the ability to use sign or speech, depending on who she's speaking to! She's so smart- and mature!

And cute. We can't forget the super-adorable!

Li-Li's Mom said...

I've had an image of a much younger Miss Kat in mind and this is a grown up little girl! What an adorable sweetie. I love her energy.

Carson said...

Your daughter's so adorable! I bet she's much cuter when she says the word pajama. I see that she's been expanding her vocabulary quite well. She should continue that!

My niece has also been learning new words lately, thanks to WordSmart. My brother bought the software for his daughter's birthday last month, and she's loving it! She really enjoys Word Adventure. WordSmart complaints should be disregarded because I can attest to its quality, and my brother didn't have problems with the customer service. WordSmart scam? I don't think so.