Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, September 5, 2010

And now, a week later...

When I last blogged, I was very honest about Miss Kat's reaction to her second implant activation. I was really surprised at the reaction....actually, a better word would be disappointed. I am not really surprised by the online Deaf community anymore. I have had VERY nasty comments, accusations of child abuse, blah blah blah, and because I "showed weakness" it happened again. I wanted to be honest about my daughter's experiences with her cochlear implants, and just her life as a Deaf child, but some people see my honesty as an opportunity to attack and smear cochlear implants....C'est la vie as a hearing parent of an implanted child I suppose.

So, I wanted to update everyone who cares about Miss Kat. She is doing great now! She doesn't mind her second implant anymore. She hasn't struggled putting it on for at least a week now and she doesn't say it is loud at all. She is starting to be able to discriminate simple words with it and no longer hears the "beeping".

It was a struggle in the beginning, but honestly, it was a HUGE life event for her. She can now hear in her other ear! She had surgery and activation and now has hearing in an ear that didn't before! It's kind of a big deal! I think sometimes we forget what an impact that would have in a person's life, we (as parents) are so excited about activation and hearing that we forget what a change it is for the child, and we need to remember to be extra patient and gentle through the transition.

Miss Kat is tired a lot, listening with her new ear is a lot of work! I am glad it is still early in the school year, so there isn't a ton of work and we can focus on catching her ear up and therapy, and not fall behind in homework and stuff. She is doing great!

So, I want to say to other parents, keep going, it get better, it's worth it! You chose a CI for your child for reasons, you want them to have the opportunity to hear. There will be struggles, there will be bad days, but the good days will outweigh them. I would like to say to the doubters...I told you so :) She is happy, healthy and likes her CI and it took all of a week.


PinkLAM said...

I'm so glad (but not at all surprised) that Miss Kat has adjusted to her new CI. It's still really early, but have you been able to tell a difference yet?

Karen Mayes said...

That's good to hear about it. I do remember my son complaining that the sounds came of honking when he was first activated so who knows how he'd deal with hearing honking again if/when he gets 2nd CI.

Best wishes for her journey :;)

Anonymous said...

That's good to know that your daughter is all well!

As we expected with the "After The Surgery", The first reaction of all: Pain. of course. The second one: Annoying. of course. The first and second ones will be dissolve in a couple of weeks from now. Be persistent. :-)

I must admit that I am very annoying with Patti Durr's blog about you and your daughter.

I wish you and your family a very, very best wishes on your journey with your daughter.

leah said...

Melissa, you are such a wonderful mother to your beautiful girl- and I definitely appreciate your honesty! It isn't all unicorns and rainbows, but the effort and struggle are definitely worth it! You have given her the best of both worlds: she can sign, she can listen and speak- she can do it all.

Way to go, Miss Kat, for adjusting so quickly to having surround-sound. Here's to a wonderful school year!!

Dianrez said...

That's good news that the crisis was over so quickly. Hopefully in time and usage tests the bilateral CIs will prove to be worth the trouble.

A lot of the reaction from the Deaf community is skepticism born of previous false starts and lies from the audiological/medical industries. Experience with claims and promises from teachers that proved to be untrue.

Horrible childhood memories of being taken to doctor after doctor and subjected to painful tests in a fruitless quest for a hearing cure.

If today is indeed a new start and everything is different, great!

Only honest and accurate reporting like you have given this past month will help convince skeptics like them.

Tell it like it is, not how people wish it was.

xraevision said...

Wow, Kat didn't take very long to adjust to her second CI, and the fact that she REALLY wanted it to work probably helped. Imagine if all of your readers had just given you the space of one brief week, you wouldn't have to say "I told you so."

We may be looking at one implant for our son in the coming year (long story), and I'm already imagining the debate with certain family members that I would attempt to avoid. I can't imagine being scolded and judged by complete strangers online as well!

AliciaD said...

Good. I'm glad that she's adjusted and is doing well.

Megan said...

I'm so glad she is doing well! Don't listen to the negativity :)