Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phrases I never thought my Deaf child would say

Lately Miss Kat has been picking up some new phrases. These are things that no one has taught her, but that she has nonetheless picked up and now says all the time!

1. "Good job!"- She says this CONSTANTLY! She seems to think that everyone around her needs congratulated for doing anything. I think she believes we are all incompetent.
2. "You're welcome"- She now demands that this is replied after every "thank you"
3. "Ho ho ho"- This one just popped up this week. I have no idea how she knew what Santa says.
4. "Gimme five"- She loves giving high fives, and she has started asking for them recently.
5. "Trick or Treat"- I talked about this in my Halloween post. It was a big surprise.
6. "See you later"- This one isn't perfected yet. It still comes out "See me later, you" sometimes.
7. "In a minute" or "In a sec"- Ah, she says this in order to delay doing whatever I or Daddy have asked her to do.
8. "Mother"- I have always been Mama, but in the last few weeks I have been called Mom and even Mother. I have no idea where that came from!
9. "Gary"- Gary, for those of you who don't know, for is the name of SpongeBob Squarepants' pet snail. I didn't even know his name until she told me (Hubby confirmed it) She also tells me about his buddy Patrick, but she has yet to mention Squidward. Maybe it is coming...

These are all things that Miss Kat has picked up from other kids, adults, and even the TV. She is overhearing language and then using it! I know she learning it this way because I wouldn't be caught dead teaching her about Gary! Nobody teaches "Give me five" in therapy. It is amazing.

I remember the first sign she learned at school. It was "cool". I knew she picked up at school because I never ever used that sign. She also picked up "WOW", "gross", "BOO", and something to the effect of "getting your head chopped off". They learn so many great things from their peers...


Dianrez said...

Are these phrases picked up by HEARING them? I'd have guessed she also is using visual means, like captions, reading or the visual environment.

I'm still amazed by the phrases my Deaf, non-implanted son uses, but suspect he's getting them via playing video games with hearing internet friends. (Use your imagination what he is saying!)

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Nope, she is hearing them.

She is still very beginning reader, so, while we always have captions on, she doesn't yet use them. And she can't read more than just "early reader" books yet.

Yeah, there will come a day when I don't share the unexpected things she says, but instead punish her for them!

leah said...

That is completely awesome! At least she's picking up mostly good things from her peers, lol!

PinkLAM said...

Good job Miss Kat! I just stumbled upon your blog, but it sounds like your daughter is doing awesome!