Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miss Kat's first report card!!!

Today was parent-teacher conferences and we got Miss Kat's first official report card.

She did amazing!!!

Her strongest subject is math, she is grade level appropriate and will pass her goals (which are just the 1st grade curriculum requirements) with no problem. The only problem she is having in math is that she says "three one" for 31 (and so on).

Her weakest subject was reading, but that was to be expected. She is completely changing modalities of reading (from sight words only to phonics) and that is taking some adjustment. When we started the year Miss Kat knew the sounds of 4 letters. She now can name and produce all but: Z (very tough sound, very high frequency), Y and Q (are you kidding me??) WAY TO GO MISS KAT!!! She has also gained 32 sight words.

Miss Kat also got very high marks in "Respects self and others" and "Works cooperatively with others". That's because she is the sweetest girl ever, and a really good friend. (And she got a "perfect" in turning in homework, but that is really mine and Daddy's grade!)

Not bad for a first quarter!

Miss Kat's teacher also showed me a piece of work that she did in class around Halloween. The teacher asked the kids the draw a picture of their favorite candy and write "I like____" The kids all knew how to write "I" and "like" but they were supposed to try to figure out the spelling for their last word. Miss Kat wrote "I like apl" and she drew some caramel apples. She sounded out APPLE!!!!

When I started researching literacy and the deaf child, one of my biggest concerns was phonics and this very stage. Kids, when they are learning to read and write, need to go through a stage when they sound out the words and invent a spelling. I really, never thought in a million years that Miss Kat would be able to do that! And, here, after less than a year post-CI, she can do it. And developmentally, right on time! And it wasn't a bad guess, if I do say so myself!


leah said...

Wow- what an awesome report card! I think "z" is one of those later developing sounds- it's a hard one to produce. Phonics is a worry of mine, too. Nolan is very interested in his name, and if we spell it out to him, he says "M" when we say "N." He has issues with the low frequencies, so he can't hear the low frequency consonants very well. He has to lip read to get it right (we also use a fingerspelled letter, but he doesn't recognize most of them yet).

A Deaf Pundit said...

Congrats on the report card. :) Sounds like your daughter is doing excellently!

kim said...

This is awesome! It sounds like she's doing great! Considering she has only heard these sounds for a year, I'm really impressed! I think the three-one verbiage makes total sense too since her first language was ASL. I often struggle to hear numbers, and for clarification will ask, "did you say 2-1 or 3-1. Two and three sound the same to me, and people don't always enunciate clearly. So maybe this is an attempt on her part for clarity. But maybe not. I'm super impressed!

Li-Li's Mom said...

So amazing -- the two of you are truly an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You probably don't want to hear this but this is what our kids are doing in Kindergarten in San Diego, CA.

Miss Kat's Parents said...

Yeah, I know. She was behind because she had to start completely over in another language.