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Kat Reading

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Happenings

Problem, after problem, after problem.

So, we headed up to the audiologist (again) to get Miss Kat's T-coil turned on. She needs the t-coil so she can use the neckloop FM system at school.

Well, actually, let me back up a little.

Miss Kat's classroom has a soundfield, but we didn't feel that was the appropriate accomadation for her. We thought that she needs a personal FM system. So, there is a boot that fits on her Advanced Bionics BTE and one that would attach to her hearing aid, for an FM system. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, nothing ever is. The school said they would only give her the boot for the CI side. They said it is too expensive to do both and that her CI is clearly the dominate side. Expensive?? Really? That is the excuse? You are the School for the Deaf and you can't get ahold of an FM boot?

So, that leads to problem 2 with the arrangement. We can not check the FM on the CI side. We have no way to tell if she is hearing well or just getting static. Miss Kat is not a good reporter, so she could end up hearing way less with the FM than if we have left well enough alone.

So, that brings us back to the two hour drive to the audiologist. We came up with a different FM system. It is a neckloop and it will broadcast to BOTH ears, and solve both problems (we can listen to the FM through the hearing aid, and make sure it is working everyday). So, we head up and turn thet-coil on.

But now we have two NEW problems.

First, the CI lights are disabled. That means we have no idea if she is connected, or if the battery is low. I suppose we can deal with that. We still have another setting that still has the light active (or we could be responsible and just change the battery BEFORE it starts to die!). Ok, we can handle that.

Number two, her hearing aid is dead. It is 5 years old, prescribed for a moderate loss, and now BROKEN! It isn't even amplifing the way it should. The casing is shot, there is a big hole, and it isn't working right. We have been trying to get Medicaid to buy a new one for awhile are 4 months early. Seriously? You are going to deny us over 4 lousy months? Our audiologist is sending an appeal....

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leah said...

Oh, goodness- Medicaid is denying her because her aid happened to die four months early? Ridiculous!

We'll probably wait until late preschool or kindergarten for an FM system, but with hearing aids it is an easier situation (we can always listen to the FM system through the aids). I never thought about the FM system with a CI- that could be a difficult situation if it isn't working and the child doesn't relay that information!

Good luck with all the hassles- and may Miss Kat have two ears to hear again SOON!