Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Miss Kat was getting off the bus today and she was in a big huff. She walked right over to me and handed me her CI. She told me "The blond girl who sits next to me was messing up by hair and my implant came off. I NEED that for hearing!!!" She was very upset. I went and told the little girl not to touch Miss Kat's CI and she said OK.

About 5 minutes later, I went to put the CI on her and it fell off her ear a little. She turned and glared at me. "Put it on! I want to hear!", she was all kinds of mad that it was taking so long!

Guess she likes it!


leah said...

She definitely likes to hear! And I hope that girl on the bus will leave her CI alone from now on- yikes!

Victor said...

Certainly does remind me of when I was a kid with hearing aids! I've only had the pleasure of quick reading some of your articles and I have always wondered what a parents take on the CI for their deaf child must be like.

All I can say is kudos to you for doing everything in your power to make sure that Kat can and will succeed. I was fortunate enough to have such wonderful parents do the same for me.

Cloggy said...

Excellent..! Go Miss Kat !!

For all of us that made the decision to let our deaf children hear, it's wonderful to get this kind of acknowledgement that we made the right choice. We know we did... but these kind of incidents are special..

Ashley Burford said...

Love this!