Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have a few different things to share about the last few days and Miss Kat's life and progress.

1. I think Miss Kat needs a new MAP. Today at speech she seemed to not be hearing as well as she has been. She mixed up her "ooo" and "mmmm" sounds. Plus, she was sure that "boot" and "boat" were the same. No matter how many times we showed and repeated she had trouble and at one point she even told said "They are the same". I don't know how to know if this is a listening issue or a MAP issue.

2. We are having another IEP meeting for Miss Kat, this Tuesday. I doubt anything will change, but I am going to get the reasons for her denial of services, in writing, so I can start "due process".

3. Today, Miss Kat was watching a little movie on Daddy's iPod. (Ducktales, I believe) In the past she has watched shows that are practically silent, such as old Chip and Dales or Tom and Jerry. But today the movie was quite "talky" and I got upset that she was watching it silently. I asked Daddy what the point of giving her movies that talk if she won't be able to listen to them. So he suggested we go and get her some headphones! We placed them over her head and she loved them! I love seeing her little light flash as she watches the movie. I don't think she will be letting us have silence anymore!

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JBKinner said...

Before you start with the due process, how about contacting Maryland School for the Deaf and asking how their Spoken English training works. You can then share the information with the school and ask if they can adopt into it. It won't hurt to try and this is what I would do. I truly believe that working with the school as a diplomatist is the best policy. Also, the more information you have, the better knowledge you have – like "Knowledge is power." With the new knowledge you have, you can contribute something to the school to make a difference for our children. Good luck.